Keyword Research

What is a Keyword?

Now if a website uses the particular words or phrases you used as a keyword for your searches, Google will then automatically direct you to the specific website. Since many websites contain the same keywords, Google will rank the relevant optimized websites.  

Keywords play an important role in generating traffic on a website. The secret lies in having the right keyword terms and using them appropriately for optimization. 

Internet visitors access your website in various ways for instance through social media or using a referral. On the other hand, keyword search drives the largest share of traffic, especially on internet shopping. 

What is keyword research?

This is a process of finding out and creating relevant keywords for ranking purposes. Basically, you look for common search words users’ type into search bars and then incorporate them in your content to rank your website high. 

The main objective of keyword research is to research what terms your target audience use and evaluate how to rank high those keywords. You can’t optimize a site successfully without understanding the basic keyword to target. In addition, you may also find it hard to find relevant content for your audience. You must, therefore, select content relevant to the specific targeted keywords in order to rank it.

Keyword research is crucial since it explains the exact search terms used by your target audience. Therefore optimizing content around these terms will possibly rank your website high.